$1,800,000.00 per share

Size comparison - Look for Captain 

on bridge!!

Redefining Yacht Ownership

Fractional yacht ownership allows you to enjoy all the perks of owning luxury sportfishing yachts at a fraction of the cost.

FSY's modern yacht ownership programs are designed to ensure you have the same experiences as a sole proprietor without the trouble. Our financially savvy solution allows you to partially own a Viking Yacht.

Our Five-star service ensures your time aboard is as memorable as possible. Unlike other fractional yacht ownership programs, you can choose your destination with FSY.

Viking Yachts

We manage Luxury Sportfishing Yachts. At FSY, we're committed exclusively to Viking Yachts. Viking Yachts are designed so you can catch big game fish in style while enjoying your time aboard your private yacht.

We're thrilled to introduce the latest Viking Yacht. A gorgeous Bermuda Triple Crown Winner is waiting for you, the next owner. Ideal for fishing and an extended cruising adventure, she's proven to get you to those far-off destinations for unforgettable moments and a lifetime of memories as you land the winning fish during your next tournament.

Spend time in the most luxurious and enchanting settings. Get your private escape on the water for just 25% of the cost of ownership.

Innovative Yacht Ownership - The FSY Program

FSY's fractional yacht ownership program allows you to experience all the benefits and perks of yacht ownership without the hassle. Our job is to provide you with a financially savvy solution to yacht ownership that compliments your active lifestyle.

Here's how it works:

Four Shareholders - Purchase a 25% share of the yacht

Full-Time Management - Never worry about staffing, maintaining, or servicing the yacht.

24/7 Assigned Concierge Service - We take care of everything from serving your favorite meals to caring for your clothes and personal belongings.

Two Rotating Crews - Professional crews handle all facets of your trip.

Eight Weeks per Year - You select your destination. Shareholders enjoy eight one-week trips each year. A cycle is a trip every fifth week.

The FSY Advantage - Your co-ownership experience is complete with a management team to handle the routine maintenance, dockage, insurance, accounting, cleaning, and crew handling along with full concierge service, all for a nominal annual fee. As with all fractional yacht ownership programs you are responsible for soft cost during your time on the yacht.

The is not a TIMESHARE -Do not think a fractional program is anything like the timeshare horror stories you hear about. Your management costs are locked for the duration of the plan, no unknowns coming after you sign up. You can sell your share anytime you wish. We will even work with you to find a buyer. The only unknown costs are the same if you owned the yacht solo. Repairs, breakdowns, etc. that always come when owning a yacht.