Currently on the market are The Grander Ambition, The Humdinger as well as The Dona Bela Di. 

If you are looking for a Brand New yacht you can get a Viking 92 for around $3,000,000 (per share) depending upon options chosen.

7266771_20200208142441158_1_XLARGE grand

Grander Ambition 2016 Viking 82 Enclosed Bridge. Engines 70 hrs. $1,750,000 per share

6296121_20170711141408681_1_XLARGE hundi

Humdinger 2018 Viking 80 Enclosed Bridge, $1,925.000 per share


Bella Dona Di 2016 Viking 92 Enclosed Bridge $1,800,000 per share


Tomahawk 2016 Viking 92 Skybridge

$$2,125,000 per share