At the Miami Boat Show I was asked "In one word, what best describes your idea?" Unique! 

Our offering is designed for people moving up and down the yachting experience while still providing the solo owner feeling. Unlike all other plans we've chosen to only manage Luxury Sport Fish Yachts. Every other choice stays with you "The Owner".

After your first tournament where you experienced the brotherhood of tournament fishing it's in your blood. Whether you own a 40' or 90', there is no class difference. You are brothers competing for bragging rights. The money is great but not the ultimate prize. Bragging Rights! 

Unfortunately owning and operating a Luxury Sport Fish Yacht is a full time and expensive hobby. Our heart keeps looking forward to the next tournament while the yacht sits idle eating money and fighting its deadly enemy "CORROSION".

This is the way it is. WHY?

The 40' keeps dreaming of the 90', while the 90' keeps spending millions every year and fuels the EGO.

Lets face facts. it takes a lot of money, time and effort to keep a Luxury Yacht in good order. Its an asset, (?) but an asset that acts like a liability. It eats your time from business and family, is another source of stress, and headaches dealing with its never ending problems.

Two things are happening everyday. The 40' wants the 90' but cannot yet afford it, if ever. The other is the 90' and now its EGO, not the millions going out the door.

Fractional ownership solves these two issues if you really perform your due-diligence and leave your heart and pride at the door.

Using the 92' Viking as an example. Purchase price around $12,000,000.00 with an operating budget of 12% per year of the purchase price over 5 years amounts to roughly $7,200,000.00 plus consumable costs which will easily add another $6,000,000.00. Now you see why its only for the rich.

I know you have experienced that the bigger you get, the more problems, time and expensive they get. This is one reason they are placed back on the market in a few years.

The crews gets to use and enjoy the yacht more than the owner.

Fractional allows us to provide you the same experience you are chasing. The above example cost $19,200,000.00 over 5 years after the sale of the yacht.


Whereas a 4 share offering would have only cost $3,300,000.00 plus consumables and increased your net worth by 13,200,000.00.



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